ARL Conducts Latest Iteration of Maritime Domain Awareness with Teaming Unmanned Systems


On March 11th 2018, the ARL @ UH conducted its second multi-domain demonstration at The Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, Coconut Island,  in Kāneʻohe Bay. The demonstration showcased the use of various air, surface, and underwater vehicles outfitted with low-cost, lightweight sensors to over 35 representatives from ONR, ONR Global, NAVSEA, NASA, National Guard, USCG, PACOM, Booze Allen Hamilton, and Sierra Nevada Corporation. ARL @UH with collaborators from UH EngineeringUH Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory (HSFL), and the University of Porto,  integrated live imagery, vehicle positioning, and water quality data from two Unmanned Surface Vehicles, three Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and one Unmanned Underwater Vehicle to characterize the environment around a shallow water patch reef in Kāneʻohe Bay. Read more here.