The Applied Research Laboratory at the University of Hawaii (ARL@UH) is hosting the fall 2018 iteration of its Maritime Awareness Network of Teaming Autonomous Systems (MANTAS) event this weekend, Friday 26 October through Monday 29 October. The series aims to highlight and advance the state of the art of maritime domain awareness in Hawaii through the use of networked unmanned aerial, surface, and underwater systems. The focus of this MANTAS iteration is near real-time data visualization and analysis to accelerate the translation of raw sensor output to actionable information used to enhance time-critical decision-making.


MANTAS II 2018 will begin on Friday, 26 October with technology presentations highlighting current capabilities and ongoing research spanning ARL@UH partner organizations in academia and industry. The event will continue on Sunday, 28 October with technology demonstrations conducted at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology on Coconut Island in Kaneohe Bay. A debrief session will follow on Monday, 29 October to summarize accomplishments and discuss next steps.


For more information on the MANTAS series or other ARL@UH events, contact Mary Michelle Baghdady at